Thanks for Coming

Thanks for Coming, recently won the NME 2009 award for Hot, New, Up and Coming Artists. Film directed by Lanze Spears, music by Jake Troth off the album Blind Contours…. I hope you love it as much as me!!!

“If my eyes soon see black, and I can’t recall your face. Please describe it in every-way.”   Thanks for Coming

Lanze Spears also just recently launched his new production company Bouche Entertainment.

[Artist Statement: Le Bouche Bouche is a French Expression that means “Kiss of Life.” Now the Origin of the word Inspiration means to be “Breathed upon,” by the spirit; and through Inspiration no matter the art form, there lies an infinite flow of Beauty, Passion and creativity; and that’s what Bouche Entertainment Strives for.] Lanze Spears

To be Continued.. xoxo


One response to “Thanks for Coming

  1. thats a cool song.
    But an even better video

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