“Darling”… GIRLS

My experience seeing my new favorite band Girls was everything I imagined it to be and morenow i have an unquenchable desire to see them again and again…  One night of Girls clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy me..  I saw them play on Thursday at The Bottle Tree, and followed them to the Earl in Atlanta, where they played to a sold out venue… I honestly am tempted to follow them through the rest of their tour, but am using every ounce of resistance in my body to stay put…

Girls’ raw energy, mixed with their smooth melodies, timeless riffs,  grunge, harmonica solos, tambourine shakes, Beach-Boys-pop-beats, gritty-ballads, and Christopher Owen’s velvet voice are enough to make my heart melt… believe me … Girls sound even better live than recorded….tragically, beautiful, convincingly genuine, and ironically perfect sound…

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to hang with the Girls, and not only are they epic musicians, but Girls are good, people… some very cool cats.. I can not wait to see them again!.. Maybe they’re  never gonna fix up, and they might be crazy, but they’ve really got it going on..You are seriously missing out if you don’t see Girls; stay posted  for some live Girls footage from the shows!

I am predicting that Girls are on the verge of super-fame… and very deserving of it.. I would love to be a part of the epic, Girl’s explosion.. Girls, please don’t forget me, and feel free to take me with you, where ever you go!!.. Let me soak up the sunshine with you!..xoxo


One response to ““Darling”… GIRLS

  1. glad to see my pics turned out well 🙂

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