Mexico City Blues

Jack Kerouac is a sex symbol of beat-poetry... I’ll share with you some of my favorite Choruses from his Mexico City Blues…

34th Chorus

“I have no plans

No dates.

No appointments with anybody

So I leisurely explore

Souls and Cities

Geographically I’m from

and belong to that group

called Pennsylvania Dutch

But I’m really a citizen

of the world

who hates Communism

and tolerates Democracy

Of which Plato said 2000 years


Was the best form of bad government

I’m merely exploring souls & cities

From the vantage point

Of my ivory tower built,

Built with the assistance

of Opium

That’s enough, isn’t it?”

35th Chorus

It was the best show,

the guys used to  give up

a good movie

just to hear him talk

Now is the Time

Now is the Time

To kill an hour

and Delaware Punch


A Star is Born-

muckle lips in the movie

“I’d rather not”-

“I really dont wanta go”-

Yeah, fuck the movie.

Fuck the mambo.

Fuck is a dirty word

But it comes out clean.

Everything (after a gasp)

is fine, already really.

Whatever it was.

“Anyway it happened”

Says Allen (Poe) Ginsberg-

Time on a Bat – growl of truck.

36th Chorus

No direction

No direction to go

Burroughs says it’s a time-space

travel ship

Connected with mystiques

and mysteries

Of he claims transcendental


Pulque green crabapples

of hypnotic dream

In hanging Ecuad vine.

Burroughs says, We have destiny,

Last of the Faustian Men.

No direction in the void

Is the news from the void

In touch with the void

everywhere void

No direction to go


(in)  ward


(ripping of paper indicates helplessness anyway)



3 responses to “Mexico City Blues

  1. One of the best Kerouac poems. I generally hate everything BUT his poetry.

  2. I should specify-everything that he’s done, aside from poetry.

  3. Hitchhiked a
    thousand miles
    and brought you wine

    While I slept and travelled in dreams all night
    the mountains didn’t move at all
    and I doubt they dreamed

    Holding up my
    purring cat to the moon,
    I sighed

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