Affected vs. Effected..

Strangely obscure, right..?.. I always seem to mix the two of them up.. hopefully this will help with any future confusion …

Main Entry: 2effect

1 : to cause to come into being
2 a : to bring about often by surmounting obstacles : accomplish a settlement of a dispute> b : to put into operation..

synonyms see perform

Main Entry: af·fect·ed

1 : inclined, disposed <was well affected toward her>
2 a : given to or marked by affectation <spoke in an affected manner> b : assumed artificially or falsely : pretended <an affected interest in art>

usage Effect and affect are often confused because of their similar spelling and pronunciation. The verb 2affect usually has to do with pretense . The more common 3affect denotes having an effect or influence.The verb effect goes beyond mere influence; it refers to actual achievement of a final result.

The uncommon noun affect, which has a meaning relating to psychology, is also sometimes mistakenly used for the very common effect. In ordinary use, the noun you will want is effect….Merriam Webster Dictionary…



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