Redneck Summer… xo

There are a few good things that come from growing up in the deep South..Like this trick for example… The Beautiful Beer Hair Trick…

All you need is One, preferably warm- old-skunked, Natural Light, your sexy-self of course, and the sun… Pour entire contents of beer upon your head, saturating all of your hair.. laze in the sun, and the Sun gods, alcohol, and yeast, will do the rest…the results, a subtle, sun-kissed look, and luscious, soft-yet-nicely-textured locks..

*Hint: If you leave the beer in your hair overnight, without rinsing or shampooing, you will have voluminous, party-ready hair! .. and honestly, the beer scent is hardly noticeable..especially if you are at a party...  Good Luck!!



One response to “Redneck Summer… xo

  1. haha, i dont wash my hair and you pour beer in yours… what a pair we are ❤

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