The Blue Party..phenomenon!!..

The Blue Party

I was lucky enough to catch the last two performances of the The Blue Party’s 2010 Spring Tour… my friend Betsy dragged the un-excited, tired, square-version of myself out, to see The Blue Party.. I didn’t want to go, hadn’t really heard much of them, but she insisted they were a phenomenon that couldn’t be missed.. I took her advice… I know she would never lead me astray.. so I painted my face with eye-liner and pastels, and strapped on my mary-jane-patton-leather-heels, in the spirit of the weekend-warriors.

She was right!! I was so glad I made it out!!

The Blue Party is an eclectic band from New Orleans. Impossible to pinpoint one specific style or genre, but their sound works in a surprisingly funk-tastic-organic-blend of party-rock, country, with hints of new-wave-ska, blue-grass.. There’s even a bouzouoki that chimes in seamlessly..

Truly a unique musical experience, the sound emulates energy-waves and vibes that moves everyone in their crowd to dance, dance, dance up a sweat, and then dance some more…

Not only do they have groovy beats, eclectic blends, but also catchy, relatable lyrics.. you find yourself singing along to their songs, before you even realize you know the words..

I saw you in your summer dress, it took me back to a time, when I thought that love was the best… he’s from my mind… makes you wana close your eyes, click your heals and go back to that lover, just for a night… when she still was like that… when you still could feel that…

The Blue Party is a group of extremely talented young musicians including:

Reid Martin – vocals, guitar, banjo

Alex Bachari – guitar

Natalie Mae – vocals, keys

George Stathakes – bouzouki, guitar, vocals

Al “T.” Small – Bass

Chris Cousins – Drums

They will be recording their next album this coming month, so be on the look out for that album to drop… and their Upcoming Tour Dates..

Check them out at: and

Pictures Courtesy of:

“Capture the Moment”

Bunnies Rock!!…xoxo


2 responses to “The Blue Party..phenomenon!!..

  1. cathy riendeau

    al small is my nephew and i think his band rocks

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