Muses..Animism and the Alphabet..XO

I promised you more excerpts from David Abram’s Spell of the Sensuous..

The story is that once upon a time these creatures were men-men of an age before there were any Muses-and that when the latter came into the world, and music made its appearance, some of the people of those days were so thrilled with pleasure that they went on singing and quite forgot to eat and drink until they actually died without noticing it. From them in due course sprang the race of cicadas, to which the Muses have granted the boon of needing no sustenance right from their birth, but of singing from the very first, without food or drink, until the day of their death, after which they go and report to the Muses how they severally are paid honor among mankind and by whom…




One response to “Muses..Animism and the Alphabet..XO

  1. ❀ it! it's what band-aids do πŸ™‚

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