New York Minute

As many of you know, and many of you don’t know, I recently decided to take a plunge and relocate to New York. I did what I typically do, I listened to some of my favorite music, looked at the stars, and took their advice..

..planning’s for the poor, so let’s pretend to be rich..

Moving to a big, unfamiliar city is pretty overwhelming at times. It’s most definitely a humbling experience. Trying to navigate above and below ground is sometimes daunting and scary. It reminds you of your tiny size and place in the world, and the ever-present rat race which we are all running in, whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not.

In my opinion, moving somewhere totally out of ones comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow, evolve, and find ones true inner self.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just standing still on a sidewalk, as thousands of people rush by me, and I wonder where are they going, who are they talking to, what are they thinking about, what are they listening to, who’s beating their drum, what makes them cry or laugh or lie or realize?

My best advice to anyone and everyone is this: take the plunge, it’s worth the risk. Who will you be if you never even try? Where will you go if you never even leave? What’s the point of life if you never ask questions?

Yes, sometimes I’m scared, uncomfortable, and lonely.. Sometimes I get homesick, sometimes I sing the blues, but nothing is more exciting than knowing I’ll never look back and wonder, what if?



4 responses to “New York Minute

  1. William Shetlon

    Proud of you Sweetie! I’m coming to visit you! Very sonn 😉

  2. extremely inspiring. been there, done that. welcome to life. may you find something you never expected.

    as for me, i finally found my way to the farm. sunsets, forests, deer and rabbits. catfish and sunsets. a big brown barn and a black lab named Zeppelin.

  3. Very nice. I find that city life always makes me miss the country, and country life always makes me miss the city..

  4. Proud of you! And can’t wait to see you next month! xoxo
    Also, Tusc wasn’t quite the same without you this weekend!

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