Found 87:

Today when I was en route, I came across a box of discarded books. The pale green cover and lavender font caught my eye. I found myself staring into the cardboard-box, and  at the Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry. Beneath it lay: The Writers Eye, the Stop, Look & Write series – Effective Writing Through Pictures. I don’t typically take things I find on the sidewalk, I just walk on by, but something about today was different. I stopped and looked, and  couldn’t resist… Now let me share a treat from the found books with you..

These two tales I tell of myself and the life I led

To its destruction, one dark, one bright: one gathered from

A few gleaming moments-a slice or two of the cake

From where it was perfectly marbled-the other one

Rising from an under-song of despair. In neither

Case is the truth of the story-or the story of

The possibility that either one could be true

Or false at all-of any interest. What matters

Is what they might be good for: the story of a lost

Joy, as a sad anchor to drop below the surface

Of where we keep on going; the other version of

What was, the tale of a hell escaped, easily sounds

Like a noisy breath of wind filling my patched old sails.

The Tales of the Sea

John Hollander



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