My name is Anastasia Frangoulis.

Sometimes I’m really outgoing, other times I’m really shy.

I love music, fashion, art, eccentrics, fake eyelashes, and film.

I look best in vintage clothes from the 60’s and 70’s.

I wear high heels or platforms every day, no matter what.

Sometimes I need to be alone.

I was born lace but life has turned me into suede.

People say I’m crazy.

I just want to be famous.


You can contact me at: AnastasiaFrangoulis@gmail.com





4 responses to “About

  1. je t’aime, ma petite belle. xoxo

  2. je t’aime, ma petite belle. xoxo

    ok, so there, i pretty much exhausted all the french i remember from high school. thanks for being my technology consultant. i’m trying to figure this wordpress stuff out so that one day, my cyberprofile looks as badass as yours.

  3. a lovely blog, deserving of way more comments than this. thanks for letting us peep into this little window.


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