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Gold Mouth


You made my eyes burn.


I like your looks when you get mean.




So Fine in the Sunshine




The snow that couldn’t win…

Photographs by Mathilde Amigorena


Champagne please


NYC Winter Time Blues

I miss this…

I love you all.. feeling blue..





Be Prepared to Get It..



Shadows & Smoke






Ode to Sally Mann..




The music of fear bolts

in my window off the edges

of the Williamsburg Bridge that hangs in the night

shouldering the F Train as it crashes past

Delancey Street, the occasional passenger framed

in yellow windows of light.

The trash can covers bang.

It is the man who lives

in the doorway downstairs, waving

the copy of ‘Ivanhoe’ I threw out today.

The music repeats and repeats

Judd sleeps, his shoulder turned

from sirens and firetrucks.

By the digital blue of the clock at 3:33

I scout my body for cancer and sins.

The red lights splash across the bed.

I am a whole band of radio stations

playing simultaneously

as the shrieks from the Pitt Street Chicken Factory

fill the room.

I contain multitudes.

Dear God, bless me, keep me safe, save me.

An ambulance answers from the street.

I go to the kitchen

turn on the light,

stare out the window at the

Williamsburg Bridge refusing to sleep

like people who will not be photographed.

I name a fear for each light on the span:

Dogs and crawling things

no money and cancer

going blind wasting time

the shower scene from Psycho

and cancer and losing papers

and then there are nights

Judd’s out on his bike–

the odds, I fear the odds.

It’s incredible odds we’re against–

a wonder we’re still alive.

Brain tumors and burst appendix

all the cells I destroyed taking drugs.

Recombinant DNA and turning

into my mother.

Men with see through black socks

‘I want to fuck you’ in red lipstick

scrawled across my wall

subway halls

tanks advancing Ronald Reagen and Idaho.

Yes. I fear Idaho.

Ivanhoe, a man bellows from the street

I lift my head.

The trash cans crash.

I imagine him waving the lid at the sun that slowly lights the sky.

The garbage trucks advance

a rooster crows

then Ivanhoe, the F Train

the storefront rolltops rush.

The machinery of morning cranks itself up

steady and certain as the silver in Judd’s hair.

-Donna Masini



Upon a summer’s night
I flicked my cig and looked at you
Feels like it’s always been
Pretty in black knows what to do


I can’t hold my breath so long
Something evil in our hearts
You gave all you had to give
Pretty in black is all you were…


Adore La Vie




Melt your heart..

It’s like a valentine from your mother.. It’s bound to melt your heart..

When your kissing someone who’s too much like you it’s like kissing on the mirror,  When your sleeping with  someone who doesn’t get you, you’re gonna hate yourself in the morning,

It’s bound to melt your heart…

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In the Back of Your Head..


Range Life…

Woah, this song always gets me, I typically have to listen to it at least twice.. but I didn’t  realize how nostalgic for a music festival the video would make me.. thanks Domino Records, for reminding me about that wonderland..

After the glow, the scene, the stage, the set
Talk becomes slow but there’s one thing i’ll never forget:

dreamin’ dream dream dream….

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Photo by: Tobi Ann

I Start To Melt..xo


Dear Clara..

As you recover in the hospital, post-surgery, here are some pictures and thoughts for you, from me… nebula-sister…

A milkshake is already in the mail High-C.. quick recoveries, and onwards we must go.. the lights are hurting my eyes…


Diamond Eyes

Oh how time flies
With crystal clear eyes
And cold as coal
When you’re ending with diamond eyes..

Oh come child
In a crossbones style
Come and rescue me…

– Cat Power, “Cross Bone Style”


Under the Bridges of Fame It’s Always Nighttime..x

It wasn’t me, I wasn’t there, I was just watching from over here…It’ll take a lifetime to clear your name.. Under the bridges of fame, it’s always nighttime…


All That Glitters is Gold..xxxo

Yes, this is what I desire most… vintage Versace.. please..

There’s a lady whose sure all that glitters is gold, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

When she gets there, she knows, if the stores are all closed, with a word, she can get what she came for…

Everything still turns to gold.

And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.

When all are one and one is all, yeah, to be a rock and not to roll…


Green Shadow

Can you fill the can, if you can’t fill me?

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I am pretty sure I will always love this song.. 

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Give me miles, and miles, and miles of mountains, and I’ll ask for the sea… 



Last Night..

The heat is chasing off all your friends
And their scattered bodies part to the shore again.
And I feel nothing, not sane.
It’s a hard day for dreaming again….

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There’s something strange and undeniably sexy about Girls…

I’m Lust(ing) for Life…


Problem with the Muse..XO




I Think So..Xo

I’m afraid that if you look at a thing long enough, it loses all of its meaning.
-Andy Warhol

Since people are going to be living longer and getting older, they’ll just have to learn how to be babies longer.                                                                                          
-Andy Warhol

Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Andy Warhol