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Girls – Ghostmouth

I still miss Girls

I like the bright boys and the big towns,

I like the bright bands and the big sounds,

I’ve got a ghostmouth with a ghost frown…

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Dear Girls,

(Christopher Owens)

I really love Broken Dreams Club… please come to NYC asap!!…


Paris Blue..xo

Beautiful new Lykke Li.. This song will melt any ice-cold heart..I could feel my inner icicles dripping upon hearing this and..

I cursed the pavement that I walked.. All the while you shared your heart with me, I was unfaithful in your bed.

My thoughts drift towards Malibu wishing he was by my side,                                                                                             So I blamed you for the rain..

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Don’t Look Down..xo

Maybe I could make a brand new start… In love with you…

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I pretend I don’t see you, I know that you hate me.. 

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Laura _ Girls, posted with vodpod

 Reach out and touch me, I’m right here.. 




There’s something strange and undeniably sexy about Girls…

I’m Lust(ing) for Life…


I’m Having Fun Now!!!

Jenny and Johnny’s new album I’m Having Fun Now finally dropped in the US, today!! I just got home from the record store, and I am checking it out in it’s entirety.. you should rush over to your local record company and do the same!! I have a feeling this won’t disappoint.. what better way to spice up a Tuesday  night?..

And if you don’t believe in destiny then take what you’re given… God it makes me crazy when you smile through your jealousy…

No, I don’t need your super-vision, I’ll sink this ship if I want..