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You made my eyes burn.


There’s a possibility


Never permanent vacation



in the swimming pool


In the gutter

Pine-straws are getting


Bobbing up and down

In the suction

Of the little White Square

Carved in the middle

Is a hole

the width of a grown-man’s finger.

It’s gross.

But I’m Interested.

Dead bugs

A few worth rescuing.

My eyes are red

and burning

from all the chemicals.


Questionably clean


Black lines

Ending in T’s.

Eyes wide open.

I’m just skimming by

Passing you in one Breath.

Chemicals turn my

hair golden.

The island on my leg

Is seeping through my new

Found  pigment.

I used to ignore the Sun.

Tuner Annex.

Doors locked

Head floating

Keys Questionable.

An old motel

Renovated and transformed

Into art-student

Slum Land.

An afternoon Vacation

At least two hours long

And 7 feet deep.


A man comes everyday

To check on the Chemicals.

Making sure

the Bleach and Chlorine

are killing the Parasites.

Gold sometimes varnishes

And turns to green.

It doesn’t matter.

I’m gliding through the Navy Blue

And the Heat.

My Face is Melting Off.

Black Lines Running

And Ending in Smears.

Coconut Oil and concrete.

Chemicals and Water.

Never Permanent.



– Anastasia Frangoulis


Revolving on a Thread




Ace of Diamonds

I found this card on the sidewalk while walking home two nights ago.



So Happy

I’m as sure as the moon rolls around you 

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Girls Leak

Girls new albumFather Son Holy Ghost, scheduled to drop September 13′ has had some leaks.. I think it’s Magic.. I couldn’t wait any longer to hear the new album… Oh, Girls, so excited to buy, Father Son Holy Ghost, and to catch you on tour again!! 

Make the whole world pass me by,
Take me to the country side.
I must confess,
If I manage to forget everything from as of yet,
What a success…

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My gradual descent into a life I never meant…

I found myself staring at the closed oak door like the day you threw me out…

I’m in love with you completely. I’m afraid that’s all I can do…


For my lover…


How many nights have I lain here like this, feverish with plans,

with fears, with the last sentence someone spoke, still trying to finish

a conversation already over? How many nights were wasted

in not sleeping, how many in sleep–I don’t know

how many hungers there are, how much radiance or salt, how many times

the world breaks apart, disintegrates to nothing and starts up again

in the course of an ordinary hour. I don’t know how God can bear

seeing everything at once: the falling bodies, the monuments and burnings,

the lovers pacing the floors of how many locked hearts. I want to close

my eyes and find a quiet field in fog, a few sheep moving toward a fence.

I want to count them, I want them to end. I don’t want to wonder

how many people are sitting in restaurants about to close down,

which of them will wander the sidewalks all night

while the pies revolve in the refrigerated dark. How many days

are left of my life, how much does it matter if I manage to say

one true thing about it—how often have I tried, how often

failed and fallen into depression? The field is wet, each grassblade

gleaming with its own particularity, even here, so that I can’t help

asking again, the white sky filling with footprints, bricks,

with mutterings over rosaries, with hands that pass over flames

before covering the eyes. I’m tired, I want to rest now.

I want to kiss the body of my lover, the one mouth, the simple name

without a shadow. Let me go. How many prayers

are there tonight, how many of us must stay awake and listen?

– Kim Addonizio





On a rainy night in New York City, nothing is hitting the spot better than this song…


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More then ‘Stars Fell on Alabama Last Night’

Dear Tuscaloosa,

I’m speechless,
You’re blown away.
I want to see you,
and be there
But I know you’re just as far gone as me.

I’m sorry that I left you,
I always had one foot out the door.
I’m sorry I’ve always been running,
and looking for something
Completely unknown.

My dearest,
There’s no place like home.
If I ever spoke poorly of you,
I’ll take it all back.

Alabama the beautiful
My heart is still with you.

Buried in the dirt.

And everything will be ok,
Nothing’s ever worth it,
Especially if it doesn’t hurt.

– Anastasia Frangoulis


Getting nowhere


Girls – Ghostmouth

I still miss Girls

I like the bright boys and the big towns,

I like the bright bands and the big sounds,

I’ve got a ghostmouth with a ghost frown…

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I can’t stop listening to this song..

I’m with the speed of sound…

Carolina, where the southern Carolina,

So many people want to leave, I don’t know why they don’t just go..

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Crave You…

Obsessed with this song, by Flight Facilities, and the video is pretty cool too…

I walked into the room dripping in gold.
Dripping in gold.
A wave of heads did turn, or so I’ve been told.
My heart broke when I saw you kept your gaze controlled. Oh I cannot solve.

Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?

They stare at me while I stare at you…

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Tea Party Please


The snow that couldn’t win…

Photographs by Mathilde Amigorena


Last Night..PB&J

Peter Bjorn and John, amazing show last night at the dark, underground venue, the Santos Party House! I slipped past the “List” and found myself in a dark, cave like bar, heavy with anticipation, hip kids wearing sweaters,  lots of layers and drinking beers too fast. The light seemed hazy and smoky as we stood there waiting… But of course we were not disappointed as you cast a trance like melancholy-magic spell on everybody in the room, as we swayed to your irony.

Thank you for rocking NYC for all the cool kids.. Please come back soon!! Great new album, Gimme Some, oh Peter, Bjorn & John.. you can’t be beat. We love you!!


Champagne please


Dear Girls,

(Christopher Owens)

I really love Broken Dreams Club… please come to NYC asap!!…


Almost Grown

Don’t bother me. Leave me alone.


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NYC Winter Time Blues

I miss this…

I love you all.. feeling blue..






Dear Gatsby’s:

You woke up an asshole, I couldn’t believe my eyes.. I hope things work out well for you, and I’m not coming back. You knew all along, you stole my best line..

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Reason, freedom, and self-consciousness are names for a single condition, which is that of a creature who does not merely think, feel and do, but who also has the questions: what to think, what to feel, and what to do? These questions compel a unique perspective on the physical world. We look on the world in which we find ourselves from a point of view at it’s very edge: the point of view where I am. We are both in the world and not of the world, and we try to make sense of this peculiar fact with images of the soul, the psyche, the self or the ‘transcendental subject’. These images do not result from philosophy only: they arise naturally, in the course of the life in which the capacity to justify and criticize our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions is the basis of the social order that makes us what we are. The point of view of the subject is therefore an essential feature of the human condition. And the tension between the point of view and the world of objects is present in many distinctive aspects of the human life.                                                                                                                                           -Roger Scruton

Capturing Moods

I don’t mind braving the coldest winter of our time. I don’t mind racing through our goodbyes.. This is your last line of defense. You could sell your baseball cards just to pay your rent, yeah..

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The Only Living Boy(Girl) In New York

Time.. You better get your plane ride on time.. Half of the time we’re gone, we don’t know where.. we don’t know where..

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Christmas Wish List

I promise I’ve been pretty good… and plus, it’s my birthday too…