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A Not So Simple Question


Honey Bunny

Here’s Girls’ newest official video ‘Honey Bunny’

Mama, she really loved me

Even when I was bad

She’d hold my little hand..

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Girls Leak

Girls new albumFather Son Holy Ghost, scheduled to drop September 13′ has had some leaks.. I think it’s Magic.. I couldn’t wait any longer to hear the new album… Oh, Girls, so excited to buy, Father Son Holy Ghost, and to catch you on tour again!! 

Make the whole world pass me by,
Take me to the country side.
I must confess,
If I manage to forget everything from as of yet,
What a success…

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Girls – Ghostmouth

I still miss Girls

I like the bright boys and the big towns,

I like the bright bands and the big sounds,

I’ve got a ghostmouth with a ghost frown…

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I can’t stop listening to this song..

I’m with the speed of sound…

Carolina, where the southern Carolina,

So many people want to leave, I don’t know why they don’t just go..

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Dear Girls,

(Christopher Owens)

I really love Broken Dreams Club… please come to NYC asap!!…


broken dreams club..xo

New Girls!! Yes, yes!! Christopher Owens, your broken heart breaks, smashes, and melts mine in the most beautiful & pleasurable way.. I need to see you guys play again soon, please, pleeeeeaaaaassee..

I would like some piece of mind, I’ve got such a heavy heart..You were looking down before we got a chance to start, and I just don’t understand how the world keeps going nowhere…I just want to get high…feeling so restless..

Vodpod videos no longer available.