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A Not So Simple Question


Honey Bunny

Here’s Girls’ newest official video ‘Honey Bunny’

Mama, she really loved me

Even when I was bad

She’d hold my little hand..

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Girls Leak

Girls new albumFather Son Holy Ghost, scheduled to drop September 13′ has had some leaks.. I think it’s Magic.. I couldn’t wait any longer to hear the new album… Oh, Girls, so excited to buy, Father Son Holy Ghost, and to catch you on tour again!! 

Make the whole world pass me by,
Take me to the country side.
I must confess,
If I manage to forget everything from as of yet,
What a success…

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Girls – Ghostmouth

I still miss Girls

I like the bright boys and the big towns,

I like the bright bands and the big sounds,

I’ve got a ghostmouth with a ghost frown…

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I can’t stop listening to this song..

I’m with the speed of sound…

Carolina, where the southern Carolina,

So many people want to leave, I don’t know why they don’t just go..

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Dear Girls,

(Christopher Owens)

I really love Broken Dreams Club… please come to NYC asap!!…


broken dreams club..xo

New Girls!! Yes, yes!! Christopher Owens, your broken heart breaks, smashes, and melts mine in the most beautiful & pleasurable way.. I need to see you guys play again soon, please, pleeeeeaaaaassee..

I would like some piece of mind, I’ve got such a heavy heart..You were looking down before we got a chance to start, and I just don’t understand how the world keeps going nowhere…I just want to get high…feeling so restless..

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Dear Mr Blue,



Don’t Look Down..xo

Maybe I could make a brand new start… In love with you…

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I pretend I don’t see you, I know that you hate me.. 

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Laura _ Girls, posted with vodpod

 Reach out and touch me, I’m right here.. 




Who wants something real, when you can have nothing?

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Oh Boy..xo

Drivin me crazy… oh boy..

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Dreamin of you…

Girls – End of the World

Check this out.. Here is one of my favorites, Girls, covering Skeeter Davis’s, The End of the World.. apparently.. this is an unfinished Girls video.. according to the source, they “decided to not release the song” and the editor “got sidetracked”.. but it’s still a pretty interesting video, and sensually-soothing… Oh Christopher.. why must you croon so beautifully.. my heart is melting…

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A screen test never looked so good…

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Nebula..so where were the spiders?…

Ziggy played guitar, jamming good with Weird and Gilly,
and the spiders from Mars. He played it left hand
But made it too far
Became the special man, then we were Ziggy’s band

now Ziggy really sang, screwed up eyes and screwed down hairdo
Like some cat from Japan,aww he could lick ’em by smiling
He could leave ’em to hang
‘came on so loaded man, well hung and snow white tan….



Here’s the official Girls‘ video for Morning Light.. looks like lots of fun.. wish I was there.. maybe next time…xoxo

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Solitude, Girls..

I promised you another one of my personal, purse videos of Girls… So here’s a little peak of Girls playing Solitude… This song will make your heart melt.. .sadly, it cuts off in the middle of a harmonica solo… a solo so perfect and sexy it moved me to turn off the camera and soak it up completely… Solitude…

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But if I settle down
It won’t be with the blues
So I’ll keep on moving right along
Maybe I’ll settle down with you
Some you…. Girls, Solitude…. xoxo

Big Bad Mean Mother Fucker… GIRLS

Here is a sneak peek of Girls live!!!… I managed to take this with my personal, handheld-camera, while dancing my heart out and grooving to Girls.…not the best quality, but something to keep the fires burning… some POV of the sexy, Girls, from my purse…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Stay tuned… if your lucky I’ll post my favorite, personal video peak of Girls… Miss you….. xoxo

“Darling”… GIRLS

My experience seeing my new favorite band Girls was everything I imagined it to be and morenow i have an unquenchable desire to see them again and again…  One night of Girls clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy me..  I saw them play on Thursday at The Bottle Tree, and followed them to the Earl in Atlanta, where they played to a sold out venue… I honestly am tempted to follow them through the rest of their tour, but am using every ounce of resistance in my body to stay put…

Girls’ raw energy, mixed with their smooth melodies, timeless riffs,  grunge, harmonica solos, tambourine shakes, Beach-Boys-pop-beats, gritty-ballads, and Christopher Owen’s velvet voice are enough to make my heart melt… believe me … Girls sound even better live than recorded….tragically, beautiful, convincingly genuine, and ironically perfect sound…

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to hang with the Girls, and not only are they epic musicians, but Girls are good, people… some very cool cats.. I can not wait to see them again!.. Maybe they’re  never gonna fix up, and they might be crazy, but they’ve really got it going on..You are seriously missing out if you don’t see Girls; stay posted  for some live Girls footage from the shows!

I am predicting that Girls are on the verge of super-fame… and very deserving of it.. I would love to be a part of the epic, Girl’s explosion.. Girls, please don’t forget me, and feel free to take me with you, where ever you go!!.. Let me soak up the sunshine with you!..xoxo

Lust for Life

I’m getting ready to go see Girls tonight!!! I am soo excited!! I hope I get to meet them!!… I bet you are sooo jealous!..

Oh I Wish I Had A Boyfriend

I Wish I Had A Loving Man In My Life
I Wish I Had A Father
And Maybe Then I Woulda Turned Out Right
But Now Im Just Crazy Im Totally Mad
Yeah Im Just Crazy Im Fucked In The Head
And Maybe If I Really Tried With All Of My Heart
Then I Could Make A Brand New Start In Love With You

Oh I Wish I Had A Sun Tan
I Wish I Had A Pizza And A Bottle Of Wine
I Wish I Had A Beach House
Then We Could Make A Big Fire Every Night
Instead Im Just Crazy Im
Totally Mad
Yeah Im Just Crazy Im fucked In The Head

And Maybe If I Really Tried With All Of My Heart
Then I Could Make A Brand New Start In Love With You….xoxo

Girls, Girls, Girls!!!

I hope you enjoyed spending a little time with Girls and me!!… 

Here are their latest tour dates. Check to see when they’ll be in a city near you!!

Mon 1/25 Detroit Bar. Costa Mesa, CA

Tue 1/26 Club Congress. Tucson, AZ

Wed 1/27 The Launchpad. Aburquerque, NM

Fri 1/29 The Parish. Austin, TX 

Sat 1/30 House of Blues. Dallas, TX

Sun 1/31 Walter’s On Washington. Houston, TX

Tue 2/2 One Eyed Jacks. New Orleans, LA

Thu 2/4 Bottletree. Birmingham, AL

Fri 2/5 The Earl. Atlanta, GA

Sat 2/6 Exit/In. Nashville, TN

Sun 2/7 The Gargoyle. St. Louis, MO

Mon 2/8 The Blue Note. Columbia, MO

Wed 2/10 Bluebird Theater. Denver, CO

Fri 2/12 Urban Lounge. Salt Lake City, UT

Sun 2/14 Great American Music Hall. San Francisco, CA w/Magic Kids

I can’t wait to see them!! Maybe I’ll see you at one of their shows!…Until next time…xoxo


You must check out the new band Girls! They recently released their début album titled Album. They are self-described as Tropical/Gothic/Thrash, but the most obvious sound to compare them to is early Beach Boys, but add a little bit of tragedy. They remind me of the Ravenoettes but with a male vocalist. I am in love!

Since discovering their tunes, I have played them non-stop, I’m wondering how I lived before they were in my life!

Here is their website where you can hear some of their tunes and see their tour schedule. http://www.myspace.com/girls