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The Next Messiah..

The perfect song for right now

I’m gonna give my love to you
One day you gotta bring it back…

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More then ‘Stars Fell on Alabama Last Night’

Dear Tuscaloosa,

I’m speechless,
You’re blown away.
I want to see you,
and be there
But I know you’re just as far gone as me.

I’m sorry that I left you,
I always had one foot out the door.
I’m sorry I’ve always been running,
and looking for something
Completely unknown.

My dearest,
There’s no place like home.
If I ever spoke poorly of you,
I’ll take it all back.

Alabama the beautiful
My heart is still with you.

Buried in the dirt.

And everything will be ok,
Nothing’s ever worth it,
Especially if it doesn’t hurt.

– Anastasia Frangoulis


The snow that couldn’t win…

Photographs by Mathilde Amigorena


I think a bunny would do me good..

I moved to New York and had to leave my beautiful kitten-daughter Raveonette behind with my parents. I miss her very much, but she loves being outside more than she loves me, I’m pretty sure. I know it would make her miserable to stay in my NYC apartment all the time, and never go outside, maybe the occasional walk around pavement leashed to me, but that just doesn’t seem right… So I had to do what any caring mother would do, think of what’s best for my child, not necessarily what makes me the happiest.. I decided she’d be  better off staying in Tuscaloosa, no one should have to be raised in the city. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama she has the freedom to roam the great outdoors, and the comfort of coming inside and snuggling with her grandparents (my parents) whenever she wants to… I am not trying to replace her, but I have come to the conclusion that I must have some sort of fluffy love within reach.. A floppy eared bunny might just do the trick…

I’m in love with illusions
So saw me in half
I’m in love with tricks
So pull another rabbit out of your hat.

…and maybe I’ll wear bunny ears too..


The Only Living Boy(Girl) In New York

Time.. You better get your plane ride on time.. Half of the time we’re gone, we don’t know where.. we don’t know where..

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Yesterday morning I was walking to the subway station to ride over to the East Village, do some shopping and gawking. The sweet scent of coffee beans got stuck in my nose. Suddenly I had the urge to drink some heavily caffeinated dark brown beverage, and I knew Diet Coke just wasn’t gonna cut it this time. I ducked into the little hole in the wall coffee shop that I pass everyday, Bittersweet. I ordered my usual, an Americano, with just enough room for a splash of milk and a packet of aspartame. The man who took my order was wearing a striped vintage Hang-Ten, perfectly-too-small t-shirt. I couldn’t help but compliment him.

Then the sweet sounds of an ironic, twangy-lulling hit my hears. To my surprise they were playing Neil Young’s “Alabama” off Harvest Moon, one of my all time favorite albums, and of course, one of my all time favorite artists.

I must admit, it totally made my moment. I had diamonds in my eyes…

Oh Alabama,
the devil fools with the best laid plan.
Swing low Alabama.

And now the moment is all that it meant..

The Banjos playing through the broken glass.
Windows down in Alabama.
See the old folks tied in white ropes.
Hear the banjo.
Don’t it take you down home?..

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