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The Right Lack of Color


Imitation Pearls


Gold Mouth


Me neither

I go and I come…


Inaudible Dialogue


Dumb Luck

Completely love Dumb Luck, by Dntel. It’s the type of song you can’t help but listen to on repeat. While doing so I found this video a fan made for it. The video’s not perfect by any standard, but something about it brings a tinge of inspiration to my eyes…

Just don’t forget, it’s dumb luck that got you here..

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A Not So Simple Question


Calling Nebula

Ok Sexy-Darlings.. check this out.. it’s very nebulanic… call this phone number: 1-713-574-9075 .. a pretty-sexy Robot Man will answer the phone and ask you for the access  code, which is: 1328008 …. next you leave your Nebulanic audio-mail-message, and check http://callingnebula.wordpress.com .. your message will be published to Nebula in cyber-land-seconds… and it’s totally anonymous… the site it completely legit, trust me.. it’s associated with Lacenleather through wordpress, none of your information will be traced for spam, anything, etc…  I would never steer you Beautiful People into shark infested waters… Enjoy Calling Nebula!!!

  • Phone Number for Nebula: 1-713-574-9075
  • Access Code: 1328008


You made my eyes burn.


There’s a possibility


Diamonds, Candy Pills

I’ve been thinking about those things we did..

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I was waiting for the longest time, she said. I thought you forgot.


I like your looks when you get mean.


Revolving on a Thread


This is my idea of fun.

The song of the night ‘Video Games’ is the perfect way to cap off my night. Thank you Lana Del Ray, and sweet dreams to all of you.

I heard that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true? Singing in the old bars, swinging with the old stars, living for the fame.. Kissing in the blue dark..this is all I know..

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Honey Bunny

Here’s Girls’ newest official video ‘Honey Bunny’

Mama, she really loved me

Even when I was bad

She’d hold my little hand..

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Ace of Diamonds

I found this card on the sidewalk while walking home two nights ago.




God it’s sexual, opening a beer when you swore you wouldn’t drink tonight,
taking the first deep gulp, the foam backing up in the long amber neck

of the Pacifico bottle as you set it on the counter, the head spilling over
so you bend to fit your mouth against the cold lip

and drink, because what you are, aren’t you, is a drinker—maybe not a lush,
not an alcoholic, not yet anyway, but don’t you want

a glass of something most nights, don’t you need the gesture
of reaching for it, raising it high and swallowing down and savoring

the sweetness, or the scalding, knowing you’re going to give yourself to it
like a lover, whether or not he fills up the leaky balloon of your heart—

don’t you believe in trying to fill it, no matter what the odds,
don’t you believe it still might happen, aren’t you that kind of woman?

‘Tell Me’ – Kim Addonizio



So Happy

I’m as sure as the moon rolls around you 

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Girls Leak

Girls new albumFather Son Holy Ghost, scheduled to drop September 13′ has had some leaks.. I think it’s Magic.. I couldn’t wait any longer to hear the new album… Oh, Girls, so excited to buy, Father Son Holy Ghost, and to catch you on tour again!! 

Make the whole world pass me by,
Take me to the country side.
I must confess,
If I manage to forget everything from as of yet,
What a success…

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My gradual descent into a life I never meant…

I found myself staring at the closed oak door like the day you threw me out…

I’m in love with you completely. I’m afraid that’s all I can do…


For my lover…


How many nights have I lain here like this, feverish with plans,

with fears, with the last sentence someone spoke, still trying to finish

a conversation already over? How many nights were wasted

in not sleeping, how many in sleep–I don’t know

how many hungers there are, how much radiance or salt, how many times

the world breaks apart, disintegrates to nothing and starts up again

in the course of an ordinary hour. I don’t know how God can bear

seeing everything at once: the falling bodies, the monuments and burnings,

the lovers pacing the floors of how many locked hearts. I want to close

my eyes and find a quiet field in fog, a few sheep moving toward a fence.

I want to count them, I want them to end. I don’t want to wonder

how many people are sitting in restaurants about to close down,

which of them will wander the sidewalks all night

while the pies revolve in the refrigerated dark. How many days

are left of my life, how much does it matter if I manage to say

one true thing about it—how often have I tried, how often

failed and fallen into depression? The field is wet, each grassblade

gleaming with its own particularity, even here, so that I can’t help

asking again, the white sky filling with footprints, bricks,

with mutterings over rosaries, with hands that pass over flames

before covering the eyes. I’m tired, I want to rest now.

I want to kiss the body of my lover, the one mouth, the simple name

without a shadow. Let me go. How many prayers

are there tonight, how many of us must stay awake and listen?

– Kim Addonizio



If you haven’t heard this already, here’s Girl’s next hit, “Vomit” from their much anticipated new album Father, Son, and Holy Ghost… Yes, Christopher, I am still….

Looking for love…. come into my heart…

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Girls – Vomit, posted with vodpodXOXO

All My Friends

I couldn’t resist..

it comes apart the way it does in bad films…

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It hit me today

Be elusive, but don’t walk far..

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Pretend all the good things are for you.


I’m Sleeping In A Submarine

Arcade Fire – EP… 

She’s gone to sea..

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Dreamy Lady

Here’s to the summertime, and Dreamy Ladies with Mark Bolan & T. Rex,  1975 style…

You’re so..

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