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Second Chance

Peter Bjorn & John’s released another music video for the album Gimme Some tonight! Here it is,  Second Chance!..

I….. I…..

It’s a fraction of a hope but it’s hard to control

I….. I….. get this train…

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Last Night..PB&J

Peter Bjorn and John, amazing show last night at the dark, underground venue, the Santos Party House! I slipped past the “List” and found myself in a dark, cave like bar, heavy with anticipation, hip kids wearing sweaters,  lots of layers and drinking beers too fast. The light seemed hazy and smoky as we stood there waiting… But of course we were not disappointed as you cast a trance like melancholy-magic spell on everybody in the room, as we swayed to your irony.

Thank you for rocking NYC for all the cool kids.. Please come back soon!! Great new album, Gimme Some, oh Peter, Bjorn & John.. you can’t be beat. We love you!!


PB&J!!! – Breaker Breaker

Yes, this is new!!!

Before you break my heart, Before you start..

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And I am so excited!!!
Thursday January 27 :th – 8pm

Santos Party House (Downstairs)
96 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10013

And yes I will be there!!


Big Black Coffin..xo

Oh Peter, Bjorn and John, you always do this to me… just as I think I’ve heard it all, and start Falling Out, I always discover or rediscover something new. Thank you PB&J. Perfect.

No competition over ecstasy..

It’s clear and bright now
From the statements to the lies
From the black under your eyes..

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People They know

Don’t you LOVE it when you find new, yet old, songs, from bands that you love?.. I know I do!! Peter Bjorn and John won that award tonight with “People They Know”.. and to make it even sweeter,  my new Crush, the  Swedish-male-dancer-from their “It Don’t Move Me” video is in this video too!!.. yesss!!! 

You don’t have the slightest clue where they are.. People they know.

Well I’m thinking..What are they really thinking?

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It Don’t Move Me..xo

Here’s the official music video for Peter Bjorn and John’s, “It Don’t Move Me.” It’s weird, but I like it… I’m also kind of strangely in love with the dancer in the video.. even though I’m pretty sure I don’t have much of a chance..

I can run much faster when nothing weighs me down. 

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