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Tea Party Please




Dirty Yellow


Adore La Vie


Dear Clara..

As you recover in the hospital, post-surgery, here are some pictures and thoughts for you, from me… nebula-sister…

A milkshake is already in the mail High-C.. quick recoveries, and onwards we must go.. the lights are hurting my eyes…


Lived in Bars..xx

Another one of my favorites, Cat Power, I will never leave you… An ode to Chan Marshall, a woman known for always having the perfect-bangs, and the sexiest voice.. known to make any man, woman, or child instantly fall in love with her.. Chan’s understated sex appeal is irresistible,  and her voice is tragically sultry.. It will melt your heart.. Miss Chan Marshall, we have both— lived in bars, and danced on tables… Nothing like living in a bottle..

Lived in Bars, and danced on tables, hotels, trains, and ships at sail…Swim with sharks and fly with airplanes in the air…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Out of here..

Ode to Versace..xxxo