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Dreamy Lady

Here’s to the summertime, and Dreamy Ladies with Mark Bolan & T. Rex,  1975 style…

You’re so..

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So Fine in the Sunshine


Real Devil


Recharge & Revolt

Amazing, my dreams have come true.. there’s a new Raveonettes album, Raven in the Grave, and a  new video, Recharge and Revolt!! Thank you so much Raveonettes, yes, I love you..

When all broken dreams are glued back together, and there’s nothing to talk about, not even the weather…

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Virgin Flight

– Martin Corless-Smith


Call Me Back

New Strokes video for Call Me Back off their new album, Angels… I really hope I get to see them perform sometime very soon.. I have a feeling this could be arranged.

Wait time is to blame
I thought fame was a trip
We all have the time…

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Live on the Moon

A beautiful live rendition of I follow Rivers by Lykke Li from the her new album Wounded Rhythms… I would like to travel to the Moon next please..

He’s a message, I’m the runner
He’s the rebel, I’m the daughter waiting for you
You’re my river running high, run deep run wild…

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Amethyst Eyes

Please take a moment to remember the cinematic Hollywood princess Elizabeth Taylor. She passed away this morning due to complications with congestive heart failure. She will forever be remembered for her iconic beauty, glamour, courage, wit, and of course, her Amethyst eyes…

I’ve always admitted that I’m ruled by my passions.      -Elizabeth Taylor

February 27, 1932 – March 23, 2011

In Loving Memory.


Beat City

Pretty much in love.. Whip It On..

I want to die in beat city and run, run, run. I want to hang with girls and shoot my gun. Want to catch the rays of the sun. I want to drink and drive and have some fun…

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We packed suitcases



Train Under Water

For Carl:

Bottle of water. Toxic and timeless. Atlantic Ocean. New York Skyline..

And don’t act strange
Don’t be a stranger
It happened to me, now it’s happening to you..

I’m keeping up with the moon on an all night avenue…

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Love Out of Lust

There’s  just something about the enchanting voice of Lykki Li. She gets me every time..

Dance well you can.. So tired of waiting, come on baby.. Love out of Lust..

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The Thirteen Book Habitation

A captive coming from a house

Half conscious dwelling underneath

What shall I take

The summer race of course

A place both slacking and resolute

Two in the afternoon

Behind my head

A tribute for unmanageable thoughts

-Martin Corless-Smith




I can’t stop listening to this song..

I’m with the speed of sound…

Carolina, where the southern Carolina,

So many people want to leave, I don’t know why they don’t just go..

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Holy Shit!..xo

I don’t have to ask you,

It’s written all over your face..

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…My new/old favorite thing..


NEW!! Jenny & Johnny!!

Released today, Jenny and Johnny’s new music video for “Big Wave” from their newest album I’m Having Fun Now… I love the feeling, shadows, translucent sepia, magenta, overlays, and light bursts. Perfectly nostalgic and new.. Sexy tone, spot on vibe… successfully making me miss LA… da da da…it’s gonna hit you with a big wave..

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Last Night..PB&J

Peter Bjorn and John, amazing show last night at the dark, underground venue, the Santos Party House! I slipped past the “List” and found myself in a dark, cave like bar, heavy with anticipation, hip kids wearing sweaters,  lots of layers and drinking beers too fast. The light seemed hazy and smoky as we stood there waiting… But of course we were not disappointed as you cast a trance like melancholy-magic spell on everybody in the room, as we swayed to your irony.

Thank you for rocking NYC for all the cool kids.. Please come back soon!! Great new album, Gimme Some, oh Peter, Bjorn & John.. you can’t be beat. We love you!!


PB&J!!! – Breaker Breaker

Yes, this is new!!!

Before you break my heart, Before you start..

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And I am so excited!!!
Thursday January 27 :th – 8pm

Santos Party House (Downstairs)
96 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10013

And yes I will be there!!


A Scrap of Royal Need: XXI

“Under the arch. Hands on hips, elbows squared.

The immortal gesture. Fingers spread against old satin.

The ribbon in my hair is heavy. The wind smells.

History a spiral staircase nowhere. My story tangled as my hair.

All my work sorted out the beginning of the world.

My  energy is loved by Her whose Love I assume.

Like an armed future of womon  covering my back.

Revolution loves me as only a womon can love a womon.

Limits everywhere are the edges of threads.

I tugged memory unearthing origin to prove man

Could not hang out roots. A mess of yarn, a box of buttons.

My life is knocked out of my hands. Womon must not hate womon.

At all costs. I can tell you. You needed my voice once.

I put my hand between fire and light for you.

Your men are dying, so what. Revolution must live.

Here are the seeds here are the secrets.

Here is the dye, and the weave, the beautiful river of truth.

Sister, you have cut my hand.”

-Mericourt-Amor, Mia Albright


Love Can Destroy Everything

This is the perfect ballad. The Raveonettes are out of this world, incredible.

I Vaguely Remember Something You Told Me
When I Took A Shot At Your Heart
You Said You Could Never Die For Someone
Who Tore All Your Dreams Apart
Here I Go Not Even Surprised
When Love Is Gone Like Something You Stole
It Takes A Little Time Of Getting Used To
But Love Can Destroy Everything…

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Love Can Destroy Everything is off the album Chain Gang of Love, but the cure for a broken heart is LUST LUST LUST..

Be Prepared to Get It..



Christmas Wish List

I promise I’ve been pretty good… and plus, it’s my birthday too…


broken dreams club..xo

New Girls!! Yes, yes!! Christopher Owens, your broken heart breaks, smashes, and melts mine in the most beautiful & pleasurable way.. I need to see you guys play again soon, please, pleeeeeaaaaassee..

I would like some piece of mind, I’ve got such a heavy heart..You were looking down before we got a chance to start, and I just don’t understand how the world keeps going nowhere…I just want to get high…feeling so restless..

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The Man Who Stole the World

We passed upon the stair, we spoke of was and when
Although I wasn’t there, he said I was his friend
Which came as some surprise I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone, a long long time ago..

Oh no, not me
I never lost control
You’re face to face
With The Man Who Sold The World.. – David Bowie


Chain Gang Of Love

Walk away, I forgot what time could do.. I’m just wasting my time, first feeling blue then feeling fine.. It’s a crime to be in love with you..

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Love Hurts

I’ve really learned a lot, Love is like a stone, Burns you when it’s hot.. Love is just a lie, Told to make you blue..

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Dirty Yellow